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Here are the most read articles in MAKE 1 – 12!

If you’re a MAKE subscriber, you get the digital edition for free – MAKE Digital Edition is a vivid replica of the print edition of MAKE, it offers an experience very much like the print magazine plus many additional benefits, such as online searching, embedded multimedia and printing. Please note that MAKE Digital Edition can be viewed from any web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) and requires NO DOWNLOADING of software NO weird DRM’ed PDFs – you get instant access to your entire MAKE collection!

Because MAKE has a digital edition, we can actually see what people like and are reading the most — I’m pretty sure we’re the only, if not one of the few magazines that actually do this – so we’re sharing the results with you!

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MAKE 12 – Beetlebot. By Jerome Demers. Ultra-Simple Bugbot navigates obstacles with feelers and switches. page 140 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 12: Upload – Make, Vol 12 features our special section on digital arts and crafts called “Upload,” where you’ll learn how to take infrared photographs, shoot movies with custom backgrounds, and make fun-to-watch slideshows of your digital family photos. You’ll also learn how to make an extremely loud air whistle, a solar-powered xylophone, and a TV remote control that’s powered by your muscles. As usual, you’ll find plenty of other exciting how-to projects inside. MAKE Volume 12 & Get it at the Maker Store.

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MAKE 11 – U-G-L-Y Your Bike. To deter thieves, camouflage your bicycle as a piece of crap while keeping it a first-class ride. Page 74 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 11: Alt Wheels. Special “DIY Wheels” section includes plans for making a mobile drive-in movie theater, a cool chopper out of an old bicycle, and a pedal-powered iPod charger. Plus: make a remote controlled bird feeder to take amazing photos of birds, a vintage-style radio control race car out of sheet metal, and a vacuum former that lets you create molded 3D parts out of plastic. These articles are just the tip of the iceberg in this project-packed volume of MAKE. MAKE Volume 11 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 10 – The Brain Machine. By Mitch Altman. Ride your own brain waves! You don’t need to be a Buddhist monk to meditate, or a Sleeping Beauty to sleep well. Achieve these altered states of consciousness, and others, with this simple microcontroller device. Page 90 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 10: Home Electronics. Everything you wanted to learn about home electronics, with 20+ projects to electrify your world. All hail the tiny electron! Even if you don’t know a resistor from a transistor, this volume will teach you how to make electronic devices that entertain, enlighten, and enable. MAKE Volume 10 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 9 – Working with Carbon Fiber. y John Wanberg. Form, la up, and cure your own high-performance composites. Page 165 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 09: Fringe. Explore the fringes of technology with projects that push the boundaries of physics and reason. MAKE Volume 09 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 8 – Shaker Flashlight Power Source. Powering small electronics with your muscles. Page 50 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 08: Toys and Games. A secret history of Myst, resurrect a neglected pinball machine, make an asteroid mining colony on your kitchen table, robotic desk toys, rubber band ornithopter, toy gun controlled alarm clock, and a special primer on mold making by Mythbusters’ Adam Savage. MAKE Volume 08 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 7 – How to Drink Beer on C-Span. By Bill Barminski. Put yourself into somebody else’s video. Page 144 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 07: Backyard Biology/ Hack your plants, extract your DNA, 70’s soapbox saga, build a videocam rocket, and head-mounted water cannon. MAKE Volume 07 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 6 – Building Tensegrity Models. Make a “needle tower” sculpture from dowels and elastic cord that seems to defy laws of physics. Page 102 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 06: Robots. Build a pair of electronic insects. Plus: LED throwies, pet-powered night light, floating tensegrity tower structure, Bug Sucker, and more. MAKE Volume 06 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 5 – Backyard Zip Line. Be the hit of the neighborhood with a high-flying tree–to-tree transporter. Page 75 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 05: Science, Weather, and Outdoors. Homemade electric vehicles, high-powered water rockets, electricity-generating windmill, jet engine in a jam jar, and a backyard zip line! MAKE Volume 05 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 4 – Cigar Box Guitar. Sweet-sounding, three-stringed mini guitar revives and American musical tradition. Page 78 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 04: Music and Kits for the Holidays. Cool holiday kit reviews, build a cigar box guitar, circuit bending, high-speed flash photography, coffee hacks, and lots of DIY music projects. MAKE Volume 04 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 3 – The Night Lighter. By William Gurstelle. Launch potato projectiles 200+ yards with this stun-gun triggered, high-powered potato cannon with see-thru action. (Good things potatoes are biodegradable) Page 110 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 03: Cars and Halloween
Mod Your Rod: a collection of car hacks and mods. Plus: make cool special effects and animatronics for your garage haunted house! MAKE Volume 0 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 2 – Primer: Printed Circuit Boards. Step-by-step instructions for making your own PCBs at Home. Page 166 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 02: Home Entertainment. Building your own high definition video recorder, how to podcast, making a robot from an old computer mouse, reconditioning an old amplifier. MAKE Volume 02 & Get it at the Maker Store.

MAKE 1 – Made on Earth. By Paul Spinrad. Report from the world of backyard technology! Page 14 – Read it in MAKE Digital Edition. MAKE Volume 01: Premiere Issue! The first magazine devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and DIY inspiration. – MAKE Volume 01 & Get it at the Maker Store.

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