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Another nice NES hack that turns the old cartridges and controller into a portable MP3 player / boombox to take on the road.

NES Controller MP3 Player Sports Functional Cartridge Speaker [via]

2 thoughts on “NES controller Mp3 player with cartridge speakers

  1. Very nice. I like it’s originality. Seeing the copycats afterward, seems you’ve got quite a hit.

    Just a couple of suggestions for future ‘homages’ to this Make.

    They may be hard to come by, but i recommend using the wireless IR controllers that came out for the NES/SNES. These have battery compartments built in, which will aid in the longevity of the unit (versus opening it every few days).
    Granted, they don’t have the same nostalgic tugs, but are still recognizable as such.

    Make on!

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