Chris Vecchio spoke at this past Sunday’s Make: Philly event. He’s an artist doing some though-provoking, frequently funny, work centered around the human relationship with technology. Here are some objects from his Meterboxes series.


Evolution of Desire
Walnut veneer, meter, custom circuitry.
The indicator goes quickly off the scale in the “passion” direction and then over time diminishes.


No Man Knows the Day or the Hour
5 meters, 5 separate driver circuits, 5 D-cell batteries, walnut veneer case.
Independent of one another, the five needles sway gently back and forth, steadily metering out the life in their respective batteries.


Meter with limit switches, discrete flip-flop circuit, quarter matched mahogany case.
In this piece, the circuitry (and of course the meter – acting as a window into the behavior of the circuitry) acts out the myth of Sisyphus. As soon as one side of the discrete flip-flop circuit charges up, the other side discharges it and forces the process to repeat.