Puzzle – Kremlin orders 3,200 mice

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Ok gang, try and figure out what the Kremlin is “making” with 3,200 mice… via Evil Mad Scientists.

My guess, they’re going to enter the M-prize or a mouse-mouse for each office worker.

18 thoughts on “Puzzle – Kremlin orders 3,200 mice

  1. Well the site was just refreshing when I happened to log in. Ergo, the double post.

    BTW- some neat thoughts on this at the EMS link above in their comments. Some scary.

  2. Maybe they’re going to make 3,200 of those slightly disturbing taxidermy LED rat throwies?

    In all seriousness though, they’re either researching some kind of medical breakthrough (Ve have cured de cancer, comrade!) OR they’re doing some kind of military chemical/biological/radiological weapon testing (Ve are giving you de cancer, comrade!) OR they’re using them to study the effects of exposure to some existing and potentially dangerous environmental hazard; Chernobyl, perhaps. (Ve do not vant de cancer, comrade!)

  3. “could be used to feed to the falcons which are kept in the Kremlin, the seat of Russia’s rulers, to scare off crows”

    I thought the Cold War was over?

  4. “It’s not the Kremlin who wants the mice, it’s the mice who want to study Kremlin.”
    In Soviet Russia, mice study you!

  5. If the purchasing system at the Kremlin is anything like at the big corporation I work for, you can pretty much bet that someone was searching for “mouse usb optical”.

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