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College student, Will Foster, built this amazing half-scale Tiger tank. It even has an air cannon for shooting rounds of paint balls. I would not want to be against him at the next paintball skirmish.

Via Techeblog1/2 Scale Tiger Tank

8 thoughts on “College kid makes 1/2 scale Tiger tank

  1. NICE! I’d like to know what kind of facilities he had available, it actually sounds like he built it at school. whoo! also I’m wondering what it cost/how long it took, and of course if I can get plans. As a fellow college student I have to give big kudos for this.

  2. He did it in the backyard of his fraternity, which is a 3 minute walk to the Kettering University campus. It’s actually pretty cool to see this around the internet, cause I go to school with Will and have known him since he was a Freshman…

    I never believed he would actually build a tank when he told me the first time. It makes a lot of sense as a commuter vehicle in Flint.

  3. Absolutely amazing! I wonder from what vehicle he salvaged the track. At the end of the clip, I thought for a moment he was going to push a button on his keys to lock the doors and turn on the alarm. ;)

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