Do you like magic tricks? Here’s a cool project that turns an ordinary Sharpie into a Telekinetic Pen! It shivers at your very command…or does it?
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Check out the MAKE 13 “Telekinetic Pen” & You can see that in our digital edition.

22 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Telekinetic Pen

  1. Nice Video KipKay.

    Is the pager motor used just because of its small size or because it comes with a counterweight on it?

  2. @jkiniston – Both! The size allows it to fit in the tube and the counterweight is what makes it ‘quiver’.

  3. You know – I love weekend projects. However, it seems that recently they are just rehashes of articles in Make. For all of us subscribers out there – please give us original content! I can do the pen from the magazine!

    BTW – Kip – you seem to be hitting your stride with the videos. Thx for listening to feedback and still keeping your own style


  4. hey brad, for the most part many of the new videos will be from the magazine, it’s something we need to do to show the projects in the magazine.

    but – don’t worry, we’ll be doing other ones outside the magazine too, just not for a bit.

  5. Hey folks,

    Nice job with the video, not my favorite, but not too bad.

    I found what I considered to be a problem of sorts with the end of the video, though…

    After your film is over, various featured films (from Metacafe I assume) show up as additional things you might be interested in. Among the related films your particular film brings up include such things as “Makeout Session”, “Jennifer Lopez Pictures” and “Maria Sharapova in a Swimsuit”. I realize this isn’t your fault, but I mean, c’mon, this is Make, not the mormon porn channel. Can we switch services, or at least file a complaint to Metacafe about this?

    some dude

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