Sheets o’ Duct Tape

Mister Jalopy writes on D+R:

Quite awesome! Using these 8 1/2″ x 11″ duct tape sheets is like having a roll of duct tape almost a foot wide. I may have to start using these sheets as stationery for special correspondence – read the letter, patch your lifeboat!

DuctSheetz – Pack of 10 sheets $6.99

Intertape Polymer Group 10-Pk. of DuctSheetz

6 thoughts on “Sheets o’ Duct Tape

  1. HomeDepo sells foot wide rolls of duct tape. Nothing new here, other than it is wasting paper by having it loose and not in a roll.

    They are a quite long roll for 20 dollars.

  2. You can make your own version of this by saving the backing paper from sheets of address labels — it’s treated with a release agent so that the labels don’t stick, and the tape won’t either. Cut a length of tape and lay it on the backing. Simple. “Regular” duct tape is about as wide as paper money, so you can carry strips in your wallet if you’re an uber-geek.

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