VGA clock with USB interface

This clock uses an old monitor and a PIC chip to display the time in a fantastic, old-school, way. The schematics and code are available online. If you have an old monitor, this could be a fun project to display the time in your lab.

This piece of software generates a standard VGA signal, displaying in it a standard 6-digit date-time clock. The chosen color is green, but it can easily changed to red or blue (no gradients, unfortunately). Its use could be the creation of a big, luminous wall-clock, by using old VGA monitors ready to be dismissed. Or, brand new flat LCDs, if you feel like!

Check out the VGA clock with USB interface

More about a Simple PIC VGA tester

4 thoughts on “VGA clock with USB interface

  1. acidrain69 says:

    While the re-purposing of this VGA device is fascinating, and could lead to a lot of very useful projects, this is a roughly 150 watt wall clock. Made of lead. Recycle the damn thing, get the lead out (ha!) of your home, cut down on the electricity usage and build an LCD/LED projected clock.

  2. Ján Tančibok says:

    Hi, i would like to do a clock, i have some old lcd monitor, but i cant find your project. Link is dead. Can you help me, please?

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