Card reader glockenspiel


Brock used an arduino to generate glockenspiel sequences from a magnetic stripe reader. The casual video demo (with some charming text corrections) demonstrates how Arduino can make physical projects much more approachable for newcomers. – Brockenspiel [via]

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From the pages of MAKE:
Magstripe Article
MAKE:01 p.108 Magnetic stripe readersubscribers, read this article now in your digital edition

6 thoughts on “Card reader glockenspiel

  1. Isn’t he worried about people stealing his credit card number based on the sound frequency? I would assume not because he doesn’t appear to be worried, but shouldn’t he be?

  2. yup, all you gotta do is record the sound, and you have the number. there is some variability because 9’s and 0’s are represented as silence.

    i mean, there’s still that 3-digit security code on the back, so it shouldnt be too much of a worry.

  3. You could also run the data through some sort of one-way hashing function, which would still provide a unique signature for each card, but would make it hard to map the sounds back to numbers :-)

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