Parker writes –

This video is great, and not just for the overwhelming kitschiness of it. This man’s set-up is incredible, and he obviously invested a ton of time and energy into his “beast in the basement.”

Yaknow, I’d always wondered what the best way to simulate a Chinese gong was – never thought of using an real-life gong (that bird didn’t seem too life-like tho). Seriously, an incredible setup – this would’ve been a great feature @ Maker Faire ~1960! [via]

12 thoughts on “Organ maker’s basement “beast”

  1. good, question.
    Could you imagine buying a house and finding that in the basement?
    (I’d probably be stuck playing with it for weeks!)

  2. The man’s name is Leon Berry. He did not “make” the organ, he acquired it from a theater that was closing and installed it in his basement. A google search shows that he died in 1996 and was well known for playing in various venues around Chicago.

  3. I can’t imagine any new owner of Berry’s home leaving a mess like that in the basement. The home would be a tear down or major gutting for sure. Pipe organs may appeal to the really old folks, but to a younger generation pipe organs are merely dinosaurs. There’s more high tech in a tiny circuit board made today that can make a plethora of sounds, rather than some four ton pipe organ that’s about as high tech as a lava rock.

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