The Museum of London is holding another late-night crafty event from 6-9pm on May 1st:

Inspired by the theme of ideas and innovation for Museums and Galleries month, Museum of London is hosting a night of crazy creative play. There will be knitting needles, moustache making, badge building and plenty more to keep those imaginative finger tips occupied! And that’s not all – there’s also the chance to take part in an inspired short film or follow comedians around the galleries. We’ve got the experts in to make sure people take home a fantastic creation that they will treasure…Stitch and Bitch London, Cast Off and I Knit London will be curating a knitting corner full of tips, patterns, ideas and help for beginners. Our Bartlett will be ensuring people make moustaches as fine as those sported by the Londoners of yesteryear and Galia, from Craft Night at Notting Hill Arts Club, will be offering the chance to make pipecleaner animals – perhaps you’ll be inspired by those of the prehistoric kind in the London Before London gallery? Don’t forget to add a handmade plasticine pigeon to Howard’s plasticine cityscape and make badges with Zoe and Laura in the corner.

Seems unmissable for you UK crafters!