DIY: Pennywhistle in the key of D

This looks like a fun project to make. All you need is some copper pipe, a dowel, and epoxy. It seems like a fairly straightforward build, but beware of the “fipple”, apparently that is the hardest part to make.

DIY: Pennywhistle in the key of D

4 thoughts on “DIY: Pennywhistle in the key of D

  1. My bro Eric is the guy to whom the author of that guide tips a hat and I can attest to the fact these can sound really good.

  2. Musical Instrument Design by Bart Hopkins has a good chapter on this and is a super book in general. Also, a cheap electronic tuner is a must and will let you tune these amazingly well.

    While working out your hole sizes, cover mistakes with masking tape and turn the pipe 90 degrees. Then measure the drilled up prototype to make your final version. Plastic pipe varies in size, so you will have to fine tune the measurements yourself.

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