Kim from Dioramarama has just started up a new blog, True Up, which is devoted solely to fabric. She explains:

“True Up” means to make balanced, straight, square. In sewing, “true up” means making a piece of fabric true to grain with a well-placed cut or rip.
The True Up blog is all fabric news, all the time.
Why fabric? Because you’re probably touching some right now, unless you’re a nudist on a tile floor who lacks the common courtesy to keep a towel handy. Despite it being a prevalent part of everyone’s daily lives, currently there are no blogs devoted solely to fabric.
Well, OK, the fabric universe is huge. This blog focuses on fabric for crafting, quilting, apparel, and home decorating. It’s not about sewing, but about fabric for fabric’s sake.

This one’s going into my RSS Reader for sure. Pictured above are fabrics from the new Heather Ross line, Rabbits and Racecars.