Maker Faire Education Day

Makerfaire Educationday

Friday, May 2, Maker Faire will host its first-ever “Education Day,” a special day of programming allowing students and teachers to meet and interact with some of this year’s Makers. Celebrating things people create themselves— from electronic gizmos to renewable energy and homemade food and clothes, Maker Faire, put on by Make Magazine (www.makezine.com) and Craft Magazine (www.craftzine.com), is the world’s premier event for DIY (Do It Yourself) creativity.

Education Day participation is FREE to registered and approved school groups of ten or more. The program is designed for students in sixth grade and above. Registration forms can be found here.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

— Middle School: 10am – Noon, (arrive by 9:45am)
— High School/College: 1pm – 4pm, (arrive by 12:45pm)
— Open House preview for Bay Area teachers: 4pm – 6pm


10 thoughts on “Maker Faire Education Day

  1. Great! I pay full price and a yellow bus shows up with one teacher and 38 pre 6 year olds he or she can not control and just turns them loose under foot. I’ll have to pay by give up one of the twins to park miles away and the yellow bus will be close and free.

  2. Maker Faire just gets better and better. An Education Day is an awesome idea! Future “makers” are in every elementary classroom everywhere. My husband is a member of the Bay Area Lego User Group and they will be one of the ‘makers’ again this year. I can’t wait!

  3. @not happy – If you read more carefully, you’ll notice the Education Day is Friday, the day before the Faire proper starts. It’s also planned activities for supervised kids, middle-school age and up. Chill.

  4. @not happy – please read the entire post before pooping on something we spent a lot of time and effort on, as patti said – it’s the day before.

    (thanks pattiS).

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