Tarantulas jug band @ Maker Faire

Tarantulas Jug Band

The hills of Bay Area Maker Faire shall be alive with a whole lotta music. Make sure to bring your feet for tappin’ because the Tarantulas will be in attendance! –

The jug band tradition emerged from Kentucky and Tennessee in the early 20th Century when poor but creative individuals built their own instruments from found materials such as cigar boxes, trash cans and washboards. Reaching their heyday in the mid-1920’s and early-1930s, jug bands played a wide variety of popular music at dances, festivals, vaudeville theatres, rent parties and street corners throughout the South. To learn more about jug band music visit and/or Wikipedia.

Today the traditional jug band sound is kept alive by a group originally founded by Coe State Park volunteers that enjoy sharing the humor and old-time charm of this music. Taking their name from the furry, lovable arachnids that emerge in droves every fall, The Tarantulas Jug Band invites you to cast off your inhibitions and dance the “Grizzly Bear” to that old-time sound.

Hmm, have to brush up my bear-dancing skills – Perhaps in between sets they’d be up for a game of Jug Hero? Check out their site for more media & info – Tarantulas jug band

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