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Bubbles of light change with the tide

These floating globes called “Bubble Bobbles” have an embedded tri-color LED that changes its color based on the tilt of the globe. Meant to be placed in a lake or a pool, every passing gust of wind or disturbance in the water causing a resulting color change.

Bubble Bobble, [via]

4 thoughts on “Bubbles of light change with the tide

  1. It might be cool place magnets in them, in some configuration, to orient them to each other. Then you could have a group of them all together, in the same orientation, so they change color in the same way. This might result then in a ripple of color as a wave passes through, rather than random colors because each sphere is oriented a different way.

    I wonder too if a magnet at the bottom would align to the earth’s magnetic field, so even those spheres not close to each other would be all oriented the same way.

  2. I hope that Makers would have the good sense to keep these out of sight of any navigable waterways. Red and green lights are used to mark a clear channel.

    What’s the likelihood that this could steer a boat astray? Not much. But heaven help you if a Coast Guard vessel sees you doing it — they work for DHS now.

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