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MAKE is @ BENT NYC 2008, if you’re in the NYC area pop by 87 Lafayette! We have a lot of MAKE stuff here at a discount AND there are a TON of great musical acts all weekend!

Concert 1 – Thu, Apr 24, 6:00 PM

Dr. Bleep (Austin)

Furby Youth Choir (Austin)

Loud Objects (NYC)
Torino:Margolis (NYC)

Steak (Austria)

Joo Youn Paek (Korea)

Phil Stearns (Los Angeles)

Installations – Installations are permanently on display during festival hours.
Michael Dory (NYC)
Lesley Flanigan (NYC)
Andy Doro (NYC)
Phil Stearns (Los Angeles)
Ed Bear (NYC)
Lea Bertucci (NYC)
Leah Wechsler (NYC)
Dr. Bleep (Austin)
Steak (Austria)
Christopher McDonald (NYC)

Photos of BENT will be going up here all weekend.


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