Next Tuesday there will be two events at ASU which should be interesting to us maker-folks. One is the exhibition from the Vizproto class, which is about 3D visualization and rapid prototyping in an arts context. Projects range from robot chassis to RFID tags embedded in acorns (above photo) and used in interactive installations to antique mechanical movements printed in 3D. Entitled Protoduction, the show’s opening reception will be on Tuesday the 29th from 3-6pm.

The other is the Arts, Media and Engineering departmental open house where students will showcase current projects which range from gesture-recognizing immersive environments (above photo) to collaging software to my knitted Body-Technology Interfaces and Electronic Embroidery. The open house is also on Tuesday the 29th from 6-9pm.

I’ll be at both of these events, and I hope all of you in the area will make it, as well!

Above mechanical simulation by Alex Schlegel.