Here’s an excellent tutorial that’ll show you how to build and program a bike computer using a PIC and a homemade PCB, all from scratch using free tools:

The bulk of the article that follows is to try and take the mystique out of the many steps involved in going from an idea to a finished product.

You won’t of course be ready to go into full scale industrial production, but you will now be aware of the things that have to be done, and know how to do them.
We will look at and master:

Hardware steps

  • Making a PCB from scratch
  • How to use the FREE tools
  • Software steps

Very basic Pic source coding

  • Using MPASM
  • Getting the HEX into the PIC

With the nice months ahead, you might as well be out riding. Why not keep track of all those miles on a computer of your own design?

Simple Bike Computer – Learn how to program a PIC