Vitriflore Liquidplastic
Yoonie-at-Home has some beautiful experiments with vitriflore wire plastic flowers. I had no idea this craft was done in the 70’s! Yoonie shows you how to make your own wire shape with floral wire. Then you dip it into the liquid colored resin which will dry in less than 10 minutes into this plastic flower!

10 thoughts on “Vitriflore – Wire Plastic Flowers

  1. I have a cousin (we were all living in our gramma’s still) who used to make this flowers in 1989/90. I think she was taking a course or something. I distinctly remember the smell of the resin and how there were flowers all over the house let to dry. My mom ended up keeping her wood moulds when she got fed up with it and we still have them. Maybe with this craft being fashionable again I might find that resin more easily :)

  2. this was my favorite craft when i was little. my favorite color was the magenta.
    but just to let all of you know to not get too excited becasue you can no longer buy the plastic dip in the US. it disappeared from the shelves in the early 90s – my guess is because it’s pretty toxic. it can be mail ordered from england but is kid of epensive! there are also sources in japan.
    old school yes – but not tacky!

  3. You can get close to the same thing using white glue and a bit of acrylic paint. I haven’t tried a Liquitex emulsion yet, but there’s no reason why that wouldn’t work.

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