Silver Boots

In addition to all the making, there’s a whole lotta craftin’ planned for Bay Area Maker Faire. Erica writes –

I’ve been trying to make my own boots based on information from a few different sources – the book “How to Make Your Own Shoes” by Mary Wales Loomis, bits of advice from various friends who work in design or have experience with shoemaking, and a few pairs of shoes that I have taken apart to study – and I’m feeling really confused and overwhelmed. I’m at the point where if I make one false move I’ll render the shoes completely useless and unwearable. So I’m hopng that any light Tom [Maiorana] can shed on the process will be helpful to me.

And if for some reason that doesn’t work out – you can always try making a brain machine – now that’s variety.

How to Make Your Own Shoes…the Easy Way! @ Maker Faire

Boots on Flickr



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