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How to make your own shoes @ Maker Faire

Silver Boots

In addition to all the making, there’s a whole lotta craftin’ planned for Bay Area Maker Faire. Erica writes –

I’ve been trying to make my own boots based on information from a few different sources – the book “How to Make Your Own Shoes” by Mary Wales Loomis, bits of advice from various friends who work in design or have experience with shoemaking, and a few pairs of shoes that I have taken apart to study – and I’m feeling really confused and overwhelmed. I’m at the point where if I make one false move I’ll render the shoes completely useless and unwearable. So I’m hopng that any light Tom [Maiorana] can shed on the process will be helpful to me.

And if for some reason that doesn’t work out – you can always try making a brain machine – now that’s variety.

How to Make Your Own Shoes…the Easy Way! @ Maker Faire

Boots on Flickr



Make Your Own Shoes

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  1. Hoo, buying tennis shoes or sneakers in stores always drives me nuts. It would be so much easier to make my own. Unfortunately, these sites all seem more inclined to help women with their footware [sic].

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