Battery powered paper horse


This papercraft horse kit is motorized for some very realistic movement – cool stuff. (the Cross Eye 3D image above is just fun to look at.) – Battery Powered Kinetic Horse [Thanks, Keener2u!]

20 thoughts on “Battery powered paper horse

  1. Having just watched the video and read the official website, with many other photos/videos. I’ve just made the purchase of a kit :P

    I can’t wait to receive it and get going!

  2. Thanks for the mention folks :)
    Solar conversion kit for the horse is in the works btw – PCBs ordered but I bet many of the readers here’ll be able to do that bit themselves (which I encourage).

    The track is called Queen btw.

  3. The quiet instrumental is “Snow Tip Cap Mountain”.
    The song is “Queen”. both can be found on “Hello, Avalanche” by The Octopus Project.

    They are a very Maker band. Yvonne had a tissue carry wallet called a cold case in Ready Made Magazine. They have many hand made plush toys and posters for sell at gigs. They have plush amplifier cozys to make the speakers look like ghostly, goofy monsters.

  4. And Hello, Avalanche comes with more theremins than ever! Everything ‘s better with theremins.

  5. @MarbleMad

    True, true Theremins are the apex of analog electric instruments however, a vocoder would bring things to a point of musical nirvana.

    If you are into atypical instrumentation and composition The Olivia Tremor Control might be worth a listen (singing saws, tin cans, thereins, accordions melotrons etc.)

  6. I would love to buy a couple models of this horse…. Would u be so kind as to mail me a link for a purchase of this fantastic kinetic sculpture…? Thank you sincerely Jamal

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