Vickie Howell’s new book Knit Aid: A Learn It, Fix It, Finish It Guide for Knitters on the Go is now available! This spiral bound compact book is your one-stop knitting reference that no knitter should do without. You know when you are in a project and you just need to just remember how to “yarn over purlwise” or remember what the knitting abbreviation “psso” means? This book is a lifesaver because you can easily look up knitting terms. I also love all the reference material for yarn weight, standard garment sizing, and the attached gauge ruler with knitting needle sizing. Plus if you forget how to cast on, don’t worry. Vickie gives you five ways to cast on to refresh your memory or teach you a better method. There are also illustrated stitch guides on how to do basic knitting stitches. And for when you’ve made a mistake, Vickie’s there to show you how to fix them, such as fixing a dropped stitch or “unknitting” where you can knit backwards and fix a small mistake. This book is the perfect size to tote around in your knitting bag and the spiral bound book is so useful because it can lay flat as you work on your stitches. You’ll find yourself going back to this book again and again for all your knitting projects over the years. Hey, it’s also perfect for a Mother’s Day gift for moms who knit!

Watch Vickie in this You Tube video and read more about Knit Aid on her blog.