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Beer can coffin gets you drunk before the big sleep

67 year old Illinois native, Bill Bramanti built his future coffin in the shape of a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can because he just really loves the beer. Until he passes away, he’s using the coffin as a beer cooler, but admits that he has actually gotten inside the coffin to test the size. He even threw a party where he used the coffin to store beers for his friends. We just hope none of his friends became mentally unstable after they found out it was his final resting place.


12 thoughts on “Beer can coffin gets you drunk before the big sleep

  1. That’s dedication. I personally think PBR tastes like watered down moosepiss, but perhaps it’s an acquired taste. I can see me doing this about 50 years down the road. Kudos to having the gumption and fearless attitude! :D

  2. Loox like somebody spent about 10 minutes with a large-format printer, CorelDraw, and some white vinyl, and added it to an off-the-shelf model.

    And probly marked it up an extra 50% just for the trouble, I’d imagine.

    Wonder how the PBR folks feel about this?

  3. …hey…I also noticed the guy’s contruction company’s name prominently displayed on there. That’s for two reasons; One, he can probably write the stupid thing off as “advertising”, and Two, it IS advertising, ’cause it’s been seen worldwide now, including places where it normally wouldn’t be displayed, like here at Makers R’ Us.

    Hmmm…time to look into buying meself that Hummer with “Mr Fly Enterprises” on it, then doing something weird with it, like being buried in it.

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