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Weird sound generator will make you ask for more

The wood version of the “Weird Sound Generator” (pictured above), is one of a series of home built synths by Sascha Neudek. Really nice construction on all of the synths and he even sells them from his site which is pretty cool since they have a one-of-a-kind type look and feel.

Subtle Noise Maker

4 thoughts on “Weird sound generator will make you ask for more

  1. I agree with TwoShort. Everyone should be able to make a MFOS WSG (I’m saving up to buy parts to build my own, too.)

    The link TwoShort posted will get you the original flavor of the WSG synth page, that includes a strip-board layout, and Lorenzo’s PCB layout.

    The new WSG page has even more documentation, block diagram, nutrition information, and the MFOS WSG PCB layout. They also offer PCBs, parts kits, and panels. The link is:

    For more, Scott Stites’ site has Loony, Kooky, Daffy, Goofy, and Loopy mods for the WSG:

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