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Animals – caught on tape!

Animals At Night 4-Up

Patrick shares results from his mammalian video exposé using motion activated video recording –

Our 4-year old son left a piece of cheese out to see if there would be bite marks in the morning. Then we got more ambitious about tracking our visitors…

6:10am: this squirrel was so calm that 5 minutes of video were collected. Or maybe it was more then one calm squirrel. We sped up the film below 5x. In the film, the light flashes briefly when the squirrel was so still that the motion detector missed it for a while.

Indeed they did, the videos are great. It’s always extra awesome to capture and view such critter activity in your own backyard!

Bonus points for the project’s technical documentation –

Snimsl Detection Apparatus

Watch more candid animal footage on Patrick’s blog – The Animal Detection Apparatus

2 thoughts on “Animals – caught on tape!

  1. This is very cool. Would be intresting to try it out here. There is loads of field mice, lizards, hedgehogs and things running around. :D

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