Keyboard pants

Keyboard Pants Casual
Keyboard Pants Backfront

No, it’s not just one of those roll-up keyboards that melted while in use – it’s keyboard pants. Sure to be standard issue hacker gear right around never.

The hip mounted speaker feature though, that right there is potential teen-trend-gold, just hope the model pictured can keep ’em hiked up long enough to hear a whole track. – “the geekiest pants… ever?”

Commence witty observations and/or practical consideration.

18 thoughts on “Keyboard pants

  1. the speakers are knee mounted, and I can’t believe you passed on the best part of that post, come on! “joystick controller located just behind the front zipper”

    obviously for the guy a little too into his computer time

  2. yeah, the joystick thing . . . i just couldn’t – plenty of oppurtunities for snarkiness without going there.

    huh, just noticed I have the same grey cardigan.
    however, I do not own a shirt with such amazingly low neckline.

  3. Finally they solved the problem of having to take your hands off your keyboard while engaged in netsex.

  4. Huh, I wonder how well this keyboard would support those games that require two people to have their hands on the keyboard…. hmmmm?

  5. Wow, just wow. SO MANY dirty jokes!!!!


    -“Hey baby, wanna IM”

    -“Wanna see the keyboard shortcut for OH YEAH?”

    -when I finish going to the bathroom and do the standard tug-n-shake, is there a chance I could reboot my PC?

    -If I got kicked in the groin, would my PC shut down?

    -“Wanna see my SPACE bar?”

    -“Hey man, I know you were kicking my butt in Half-Life, but did you have to keep moaning like that?”

    I want these pants, just so I can keep making these. Heck, I might just glue some keys to my pants now for the fun of it.


  6. Is there a hot key combination to jump directly to porn sites?

    I wonder if crossing your legs would be the same as Ctrl-Alt-Del

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