Portable wireless backpack  takes pictues and keeps you stylish

The PORTA2030 from 2006 is a mobile data sensing storage transmission unit that consists of a wireless hard drive (the WL-HDD2.5), a 1 GB flashcard and an open source backend. The device functions as a portable data sensing storage transmission system that can stream images to function as a simple communications device. Interesting design but we wonder how different it is from what a typical cell phone can do these days.


4 thoughts on “Portable wireless backpack takes pictues and keeps you stylish

  1. Maybe they’re shooting for “life camera” or life recording functionality.

    By the way, your TypeKey signin functionality is busted. Trying to sign in reports that the site is incorrectly configured. :(

  2. Yeah, a “life camera” was the first thing I thought of when I saw that. Another interesting thing would be to constantly recording video, but saving only the last X minutes (say, 5-15 minutes). Then when something interesting has just happened, you hit a button and it stops erasing the video. You might catch a lot of interesting news stories that way.

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