Sometimes I need to send files to people that are too large to attach to an email. Inevitably, the solution is to upload it to an ftp or web server that I have access to and then send the recipient a download url. It’s a pretty inefficient process, and unless you like your ftp server becoming an overwhelming mess of random downloads, you have to remember to go back and remove things at a later date. is a web service that solves this sort of problem perfectly. You create a drop URL with a unique name, upload a file to it, and set an expiration time when it will be deleted, all in a single step. The drop folder can have both an access and an admin password, and you can choose what level of access (read, read/write, read/write/delete) the non-admin has. After you’ve created a drop folder, you can continue to add files and notes to it via the web interface or by email. Each drop also has a phone extension that will allow you to call in and record messages that are added to the drop. It’s brilliantly simple.

What I like best is that aside from tracking IP for legal or terms of service violations, it’s completely anonymous. You don’t make an account to use the service. There is no profile. The drop folders aren’t search indexable unless you choose to make them without passwords and publish the URL somewhere crawlable. You can renew the expiration period of the drop, but when it expires, it goes away along with its contents.

I like. – Simple Private Exchange