Epafi touch communicator

Epafi Wide
Epafi Closeup

These tactile transceivers use conductive fabric and small disk motors to wirelessly share touches upon the wrist –

Epafi is a pair of bracelets built to simulate the common and playful exchange of touch amongst mates, loved ones, or even close friends. Whenever either of the wearers touch the bracelet worn on their wrist, the location, pressure, and movement of the touch is replicated on other wearer’s wrist. The bracelets connect each wearer via wireless radio and allow for a form of communication that could be whimsical and fun, as touch often is, or it could grow to be a more intricate form of bodily communication.

fyi – the name “Epafi” derives from the Greek word for touch or contact – Epafi


Here’s a quick interview with Rory Nugent, one of the makers of Epafi, shot by Make:Books editor Brian Jepson.