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Parallelized wind power

Parallelwindturbine Inuse2

Tim writes in with a proposal for a collaborative remake –

Saw this on engadget yesterday. I would like to find some other folks who would be interested in working on an open DIY version of this turbine. It looks like some airplane props and a motor. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but it looks really cool, and seems like the principle could be scaled up and down and in size.

The photo above shows the design powering a 50 watt car headlight – any takers?- Blue

16 thoughts on “Parallelized wind power

  1. I’d love to collaborate on this, not a hard core energy guy by any means, but I’m a software developer with strong web, database, and data mining experience. Who else is in?

  2. First – cool project.
    Second – what I really like about this post… I LOVE the idea of MAKE highlighting certain projects now and then where people want to collaborate on. I know there are forums, but to see a shout out like this on the main page, then to see several people say “I’m in” in the comments is awesome. You should do this more often (imho).

  3. Right on – I love seeing this stuff happen too. (Just ask Tim – I emailed him when I saw the first takers)

    Thanks for the feedback – we’ll work on getting more things like this happening on the regular. Collaboration is great and I’ve got some other ideas we’ll probably incorporate too.

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