The Phoenix dreams of steampunk

The Phoenix has a nice lifestyle piece on steampunk, centered on those artisans we had at the Maker Faire, especially those that put together the Contraptors’ Lounge.

Steam Dream

2 thoughts on “The Phoenix dreams of steampunk

  1. That steampunk PC was very cool the first 500 times I saw it over the past 2 years. Not to diminish the quality of the craftsmanship involved here, but certainly there must be other people doing this kind of work out there? It seems whenever I see something online or in print about steampunk it’s the same five or six names again and again. Either the steampunk community is incredibly tiny, or some of these folks are really good self-promoters and everyone else is too busy building their rocket powered penny-farthings or stirling engine icemakers…

  2. You’re right Matt – many of the really interesting and exciting projects get little press because the artist are busy doing what they love. But you can’t say there aren’t some new faces in this article, people you will be hearing more from, I’m sure!

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