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MIDI glockenspiel

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Midi Glockenspiel

All toy instruments should have MIDI jacks –

The idea was to take a child’s toy xylophone and get the computer to play it. Now I know that the computer is capable of making noises electronically but it is much more interesting to watch an instrument being automatically played. I am sure you have all seen crowds around fair ground steam organs, whereas tapes of the same hardly sell at all.

Sounds quite nice. Retrofitting persussive instruments with solenoids can be a bit of a challenge – check the site for more build details – MIDI Glockenspiel [Thanks, Alex!]

6 thoughts on “MIDI glockenspiel

  1. I love this kind of thing.

    The whole external monostable oscillator for setting the firing time seems a little silly, though. Certainly it’d’ve been easier to let the arduino generate a signal of the correct duration set by a trimpot attached to one of the analog input pins, no?

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