Instructables user dpearce1 made a solar-powered motorized trike, and an instruction set to go along with it. From the instructable:

The purpose of this project is to build a vehicle that:

-Provides free, ‘green’ transportation for short distances (<10 miles), thus it must never

plug into a wall socket, or emit any pollutants.

-Charge while at work

-Is cheap, simple, and low maintenance.

-Draws attention to the practical application of green energies, and promotes Fossil Fuel alternatives.

-Reduces excess automobile wear and pollution from cold driving / short, in town trips.

-Gets me an A, since it is a project for Dr Reza Toosi’s ‘Energy and the Environment, a global perspective’ class at California State University, Long Beach. We look at the sources, technologies, and impacts of energy on our environment.

Via the instructables Weekend Builder.


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