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Pixel-lapse photography

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 Pixel-Lapse Images 08-02231343

Steven his digital photo-art method –

“Pixel-lapse” combines the temporal nature of long exposure photography and the precise organization of the digital matrix. By creating an image one pixel at a time, each part of the image shows different captured moments. In the end, each image not only has dimension but also gains duration and velocity.

In addition to my personal gallery, the Pixel-lapse contains Mac and PC Max/MSP standalones that visitors can download to create their own images which then can be shared to an online gallery (also at

Reminscient of some scanner camera experments I’ve seen.

The software worked quite well – keep in mind that part of the software’s functionality is that it uploads the lapsed pic to the online gallery – hence this lovely portrait of yours truly –

 Gallery Images Pxl200805161517-52-001

fetching, no? – Pixel-lapse