Mindy Sue Meyers makes delightful artwork; she has a show up at Eye Lounge in Phoenix through the 14th of June centered around vintage domestic affairs, called Leftovers. The works are themed by a quote on the wall, “My family’s enjoyment of food is my responsibility; therefore I will increase their pleasure by planning for variety, for flavorful dishes, for attractive color, for appetizing combinations,” which is from The Modern Family Cook Book published in 1942. The show includes the above pictured Brillo pad “cookies,” embroidered stained paper napkins, female persona themed aprons, and a wall of bagged “leftovers” including everything from bits of beaded felt to marshmallows. I highly recommend checking out this show if you’re in the area.


Mindy Sue Meyers

May 16th – June 14th 2008

Reception at First Friday, June 6, 5-10pm

Eye Lounge

419 East Roosevelt St. Phoenix AZ