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DiY: iPhone black grip skin

Make your own iPhone skin with this tutorial. You can download a template from the website, along with very detailed instructions. I really like the matte black finish, since it will help hide all those messy fingerprints and tiny scratches.

The slimmest of iPhone cases is still too thick to use with the dock, so I came up with this skin-tight wrap for the iPhone that has really great grip (my key reason for needing a case in the first place). I’m not worried about scratching the glass, but the slippery sides cause fear of dropping it. Otherwise, I want to be true to the sleek, thin form factor, and even enhance the illusion by going matte black.

Make your own iPhone black grip skin

2 thoughts on “DiY: iPhone black grip skin

  1. This looks extremely cool, but how well does the gaffer’s tape hold up over time? How much residue would one expect upon removing it?

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