Underground storm shelter

Underground Shelter
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Member Senseless has been toiling away for a good while now on his “Top Secret!” underground bunker project – and the results are more than impressive! See all the photo-documentation on his Flickr set

Shelters Crop
Duck and Cover! Fall out shelters

10 thoughts on “Underground storm shelter

  1. well if his daughter suddenly goes missing and he spends a lot of time down there over a 20 year or so period, uhm call the cops!! only kidding :)

  2. Jeez-louise! The guy completely digs out and furnishes a whole storm shelter under his house – all he gets is current-event jokes?

  3. There are still occurrences that cannot be halted by advanced technology. Just like weather disturbances such as thunderstorms, hail, tsunami, and even the destructive tornadoes. Awareness is the best practice to save lives when these disasters occur. Establishing sturdy tornado shelters could be an effective way to safety.


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