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Make your own Bike Rack

This is a very simple bike rack that was designed to carry 3 bikes in the back of a pickup truck. This has got to be a lot cheaper than any commercial version. There is even a 5-bike model at the end of the build instructions.

Learn how to Make your own bike rack



Make an Apartment-friendly bike rack

10 thoughts on “Make your own Bike Rack

  1. Just a reminder that white PVC doesn’t withstand UV damage very well. I built a bike rack for the back of a pickup years ago, and it broke after a few months.

    So I rebuilt it out of aluminum tubes and 2x4s. That worked great and I even made it so that it would fold up out of the way when I needed to use the bed.


    1. I think that is why they painted it in the article. Although, I don’t thing the paint would last. I really like the idea of remaking it out of aluminum. Thanks!

  2. i have a nissan frontier 4 door cab with the short bed.made this bike rike in about an hour and used black electric tape to tape the bike rack to protect the pvc pipe.Works great.holds 3 bikes without problem and spent about 30 bucks total on the bike rack.Heck with that kind of savings i went ahead i bought some good tie downs and the bikes are loaded in the back of my truck with the tailgate down a the bikes dont move an inch.Better than spending 200 plus dollars on a bike rack thats for sure.

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