STEIM music research center needs your help!

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The Dutch music research organization STEIM is responsible for exploring and redefining the boundaries of music making and performance – expanding old notions of instrumentation and interaction into elements many sound-makers focus on today. Unfortunately, the governmental department that helps fund STEIM doesn’t know about this –

Things are not well at STEIM. We are in the danger of losing our structural funding from the government, based on a review from the advisor board which called us ‘closed and only appealing to a niche audience’. The outlook isn’t exactly bleak, but at the moment our future is unclear.
What you can do is to send a letter of support, and make sure we receive it by May 26. We hope that these letters will show the variety and depth of the effect STEIM has in the real world. The contents are up to you, a few good lines will suffice. You could tell how you or someone you know benefited from their contact with STEIM: making or refining an instrument or an idea for a performance or meeting fellow artists, or what you feel would be lost if STEIM ceased to exist, or waxing aphoristic, just 12 words about STEIM.

If you’ve ever made a Cracklebox or similar device, used the JunXion data routing software, or have been inspired by an artist’s work from STEIM, please share your experience – STEIM needs your support!

 Images Kraakdoos

History of The CrackleBox

Cracklebox Crop
Homebuilt CrackleBox

Aann Crop
Neural network sculpture looks like an electronics lab gone mad