I wish there was an English version of this video so I could understand more about this amazing RC dragonfly. Luckily, the website has an English version with a lot of information.

DelFly II weights ready to fly, with onboard camera, 16.07g. The camera is not only used for observation purposes, but also as input for the image analysis software. The images are transmitted to the ground station. The ground station determines the rotational velocity of the DelFly II based upon the images, compares it with the input of the pilot, and sends the steering signals back to the DelFly II, which deflects it’s rudder and elevator according the received inputs. This enables an inexperienced pilot to fly the DelFly II.

Read more about the Delfy II

Mechanical Dragonfly
A beautiful, but unfortunately non-flying, handmade mechanical dragonfly

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  1. The information given in this video is more or less the same as the information you can find on the website. “de Volkskrant” is a Dutch newspaper.

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