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These “Audio Cubes” sport IR sensors on their faces to detect distance and communicate with their neighbors. They also have USB ports, rechargeable batteries, and audio in/out ports. Although cool, the price tag isn’t cheap, so we here at Make know that someone could hack their own version together pretty easily.


4 thoughts on “Audio cubes control the music

  1. They do look cool, but in certain respects seem like a solution looking for a problem. The best things are the configurable colours and the proximity sensors. They would make a fantastic mini light show for any laptop set, but you’d need at least 16 to make a splash, and these things cost a lot! Please someone make a cheapo version!

  2. google “tangible interface” for some background info. tangibles will become increasingly important in the future to interact with computers.

    for people interested, the cubes come with max/msp patches of the included software so you can adapt it for your own needs.

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