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Tim Hunkin explains it all

Tim Hunkin is known for his automata – the Disgusting Spectacle at Maker Faire 2007 was inspired by one of his pieces. He’s also a talented explainer. You can find entertaining explanations for a huge range of topics at his site, Rudiments of Wisdom.

Tim Hunkin’s giant automaton clock for the London Zoo
The Secret life of Machines – videos

2 thoughts on “Tim Hunkin explains it all

  1. Tim Hunkin’s work is great but some of the explanations on that Rudiments of Wisdom site are wonderfully out of date. For example the entry on batteries (after the lemon powered light I had to look that up) mentions that sulphur/sodium cells are expected to be powering buses and trucks by the 1980s!

    His TV series is well worth watching. Most entertaining and you might learn something!

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