Blinkybugs go out exploring

Blinky Bugs Exploring
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Warpcat posted these vibrant images of his Blinkybugs in action – venturing into the unknown wilds of the kitchen table. Kits these days, they grow up so fast. – Blinky Bugs on Flickr

In the Maker Shed:
Blinkbugcontents Crop
Blinkybug Kit

6 thoughts on “Blinkybugs go out exploring

  1. Glad you liked the pics :) It was a fun family project, picked up the kit from the 2008 San Mateo Makers Faire.

  2. The link for the kit says that it no longer exists… will there be more or can someone list the parts so I can get some and make them with my kid? I think it’s a great little project!!

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