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How to Make Your Own Tonic Water

Diy Tonic

Jeffrey writes –

I posted instructions on how to make your own tonic water for cocktails on my blog. Back before tonic (or “quinine water”) became flavorless and overly-sweetened by high-fructose corn syrup, it was a lovely rustic beverage – quinine was used to prevent malaria – consumed by the British in India.
Anyway, it’s a simple recipe and with the right gin it makes one of the best gin-and-tonics you’ve ever had. Just in time for summer!

It’s interesting to learn a bit more about the beverage. Considering the quality of store-bought versions – the “tonic” moniker didn’t make much sense until now. How to Make Your Own Tonic Water

4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Tonic Water

  1. I’m suddenly finding myself thirsty… Last summer was all about Pimm’s Cups. I think this summer may be back to gin and tonic.

  2. Be careful not to have too much quinine as it is ototoxic(ear damaging). If you start experiencing vertigo or tinnitus, then you may want to switch back to vermouth(So you can get dizzy and start hearing phantom sounds the way god intended).

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