Wire-wrap floral socket

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Wire-wrap floral socket

Wirewrap Floral

Lenore shares a clever tip from the vaults of evil mad science –

What can you do with old wire-wrap sockets? Turn them into frogs. Flower frogs, that is, which are used for holding flower stems at a particular angle without the support of a vase edge to lean on.

Lovely, conservational, charming even – See? they’re not so evil after all – Floral Arrangements for Engineers

Shotgun shell flower vase…

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  2. anachrocomputer says:

    If you’d rather use up your old wire-wrap sockets for something electronic, I find that they are useful for making connections to solderless breadboards. The pins are a good size for that, and they’re long enough to provide some mechanical support, too. I was inspired by the solderless breadboard power supply that was posted last week, and that’s the sort of thing that could use wire-wrap pins to make the connections.

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