Prescription for noise


A creative enclosure for an atari punk console, exudes the healing powers of stepped tone generation –

I found this pill capsule because someone in my house needs horse pills, evidently. I basically drilled the holes, used Epoxy to secure the battery holder to the speaker, and crammed everything in there. I love one night projects.

Aah yes – the sweet satisfaction of starting and finishing a project in one work session, nicely done. WARNING: not recommended for headache relief – Atari Punk Capsule

Ataritube Crop
Atari tube

10 thoughts on “Prescription for noise

  1. For nearly 3 years, I have futilely been trying to get my neighbor to stop their 8 dogs from balking incessantly. I have purchased these supposed Stop Bark devices that are supposed to “hear” the barking and then emit a frequency that “bothers” the dogs. Eventually — they figure it out and stop their barking unless they enjoy the aggravation of the high frequency. These commercial devices DON’t WORK. And the dogs’ owners don’t care. I have had enough.

    Any suggestions? Is there an “dog aggravation device” that I could trigger when these dogs bark?

    Although know very little about electronics — I can follow instructions if commercial devices are not available, but someone on here knows how to put one together.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I’m in the same situation and the commercial “Bark Stop” type devices are just not enough. So I’m turning to my friends at MAKE for a POWERFUL (but humane) solution. HELP! (YHELP!)

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