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Clever, use CCTV cameras to make your music video

UUnable to afford a proper camera crew and equipment, The Get Out Clause, an unsigned band from the city, decided to make use of the cameras seen all over British streets. With an estimated 13 million CCTV cameras in Britain, suitable locations were not hard to come by. They set up their equipment, drum kit and all, in eighty locations around Manchester – including on a bus – and proceeded to play to the cameras.

Afterwards they wrote to the companies or organisations involved and asked for the footage under the Freedom of Information Act.

16 thoughts on “Use CCTV cameras to make your music video

  1. Jill Magid is an artist who has done some awesome stuff with surveillance. She requested public camera footage of herself in London everyday for a year and actually became friends with the guys who monitor the video. Eventually, they would tell her which cameras had good light or move the cameras, cutting between feeds to follow her through the city as if editing a movie.

    Check her out if thats your kind of thing.


  2. I like the idea, it reminds me a bit of the wired article about the guy who had a terrorist’s name, so to prevent confusion he blitzed the FBI with every second of his life- self videotaping etc. Now he can fly with little trouble, he just calls his agent ahead of time, they’re so bored with him that they just let him fly wherever.

    Sort of conquering big brother by flooding the system with so much information that it just becomes untenable to do anything about it.

  3. They wouldn’t have requested the information under the FOI act – personal data is specifically restricted under that act – but the information could be requested under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act.

  4. actually a big part of the video isn’t from real cctv. eitheir they didn’t get the tapes from some locations, or they weren’t good enough (?).

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