TGIMBOEJ has a wiki


Once again the folks at Evil Mad Scientist Labs seemed to have come up with a viral concept. The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronic Junk is making its way through real and virtual space, generating excitement, and spawning a wiki, to track boxes, allow people to sign up for boxes, and to offer up new ideas, such as calving (splitting) boxes. The boxes all have code names. Above is box Rangoon, as it looked when John Park received it.



14 thoughts on “TGIMBOEJ has a wiki

  1. How much does it cost to ship these around the country? It seems like a great idea except that shipping costs must kill it.

  2. The specification for the box (at least in the US) is to use a USPS Priority Mail flat-rate box. It costs $9.80 to send it anywhere in the US. It would get expensive fast except that each person just pays postage once, to send it on to the next recipient.

  3. I’m in Canada, so the point is moot for me (Canada Post sucks, it’ll be at least $50 to get it back to the States).

    It does sound like fun, and I’m surpried by the quality of what people seem to be putting in and pulling out. Then again, I have a lot of good new junk from projects I never got around to finishing too. I guess a lot of people are in that boat.

  4. I hate sounding so negative, but I just don’t think it’s possible with Canada Post. I lived in the US for a while and the difference from USPS is huge.

    It’s why we don’t have a viable netflix alternative here and mail order is not very common, even in this e-commerce age.

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