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TV&VGA-to-scope converter circuits

Tvscope Converter

Yet another entry for the scope-abilities list –
These projects offer the ability to convert composite or VGA video signals for oscilloscope display. You’ll need a scope with Z/intensity input in addition to the X & Y axes in order to pull this one off. Hey, how else are you going to get that authentic analog-green shot for the music vid? – seriously, anyone?

TV-to-scope converter

VGA-to-scope converter

Oscillo Demo Crop
Youscope (oscilloscope demo)

Vector-based Pong on an Oscilloscope

Scopetris Crop
Oscilloscope Tetris
AVR Oscilloscope clock

5 thoughts on “TV&VGA-to-scope converter circuits

  1. It’s vitally important to keep at least one green-screen monitor in working order. I have one that I use for Matrix-style video hacks on old 8-bit machines, for the full glowing green characters effect.

    Just a small point about the dual 555 circuit shown above, it’ll generate slightly non-linear scan ramps because the capacitors are being charged through fixed resistors. For truly linear scans, connect the 555 to a constant-current circuit instead of those 1Mohm trimmers.

  2. Now, I know NOTHING about oscilliscopes,

    but wouldn’t moving the “head” around that much damage it or wear it out excessively?

  3. @TheDonkey: no, I don’t believe so – NTSC video signal writes one field(1/2 frame) 60 times a second – or 60hz – most analog/CRT oscilloscopes are rated well into the megahurtz – so that scope won’t feel a thing. It’s just doin’ its job proper.

    There is some danger of very intense signals marring the phosphor screen tho – the above project page talk abit on that.

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